Food in my Kiez is a creative research project which explores local food systems

through stories about the humans that build and support them, as well as the politics that shape and distort them. How are we expanding the conversation around the future of food to all eaters across the food economy? How can we support local farmers and ensure equitable access to more regional food produced through environmentally sustainable agricultural practices? And how well do these objectives acknowledge the needsof both individuals and the collective as a whole?


Ultimately, the project aims to illuminate ways in which we - civil society,

food professionals and policymakers - can work together to make our (local)

food systemstronger, more equitable, and increasingly sustainable.


Establishing space for dialogue, debate and imagination toward collective visions

of what is actually possible is imperative to the process of creating truly sustainable futures.


Taking everyone’s needs into account and meeting people

where they are at. Giving people space to learn and grow - collectively.


Applying a lens of Food Sovereignty: "The right of peoples to healthy and culturally

appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems."